Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why blog? Why now?

I've considered blogging for a while now, but I always put it on the backburner.  Too many things to do, too little time.  What would I even blog about?  And who would want to read it anyway?

So why blog?  Why now?  

I have always enjoyed writing- not for other people to read, but for myself.  Journaling, doodling, making lists- they're just things I do.  I decided it's time to put these things and some of my thoughts in one place, and to share them.  With you.  

I'll tell you stories from my classroom- the place of joy, chaos, frustration, laughter, and love it can be.  I'll share thoughts from my days...and nights, as I periodically deal with insomnia.  I'll tell you about me, who I am, and how I choose to live my life.  I'll share with you my struggles, and I'll tell you about my relationship with God.  

And so begins my blogging journey...one step at a time.


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